Catch Swarms Faster – #1 Swarm Lure In America
The unique swarm lure formula will help you catch more swarms faster!
Swarm Commander is a proprietary blend of oils that mimics the natural pheromone "Nasonov" and is the newest and most unique swarm lure on the market today. Swarm Commander was developed to assist hobby beekeepers in the capture of feral honey bees. 

Why capture honey bee swarms? Honey bee packages are very expensive and because of "Mass Breeding", have become unreliable and problematic. Our goal is to help the beekeeper to attract and catch swarms of honey bees that have different genetics than what they might currently be encountering from their purchased packages. It is important that the genetics of the honey bees the beekeepers has be diverse. Diverse genetics are very important and helps ensure healthy honey bees. 

Why Buy Swarm Commander?
We are the best swarm lure in America and we want to help you catch FREE HONEYBEES. Do you want more feral swarms? Do you want to diversify your honey bee genetics? If so then Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure will give you that advantage. Having a swarm trap set, even having comb inside the trap, is not a guarantee you will catch a swarm. Use Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure and join thousands of others who have gained the Swarm Commander advantage.

How To Use Swarm Commander.
Swarm Commander can be used in various methods of application. Our product is a way of attracting a colony of honey bees that have swarmed. It is always best to place the product in a hive or trap prior to honey bees swarming. When applied to a trap or empty hive, Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure releases it's "Pheromone" and "Sets The Bait" that will improve your success in catching wild honey bee swarms. 

Swarm Trap Method
Using swarm traps is very popular. The fact is that it's not a 100% guarantee that you will catch a swarm just because you have a trap set. It is always a good idea to place a small amount of bees wax foundation inside your trap. This along with a few sprays of Swarm Commander will increase your chances greatly in the success of catching a feral swarm. You should check your trap every few days for bees and to make sure the lure fragrance is still present. If needed, reapply Swarm Commander. You may also use a cotton ball saturated with Swarm Commander inside the swarm trap instead of the "spray method".

Spray Method
Spraying Swarm Commander Swarm Lure in your empty woodenware of traps is a good way to increase your apiary during swarm season. Simply spray 2 to 3 sprays of Swarm Command on the inner cover of your hive. Also spray two sprays on either side of your landing board. Re-apply once a week or as needed.

Q-Tip Method (Especially Vials)
Saturate a Q-Tip's ends with Swarm Commander. Swab the Q-Tip across the entrance of your hive a couple of times. Dip Q-Tip again and swab on frame tops. Dip Q-Tip again and drop in box. Check the hive at least weekly to see if a swarm has populated the hive. Refresh Swarm Commander as needed.

Bees Wax Method
To increase your success capturing swarms melt 1 pound of natural bees wax from your hives. Turn off heat source. Add one teaspoon of Swarm Commander to your melted wax. Stir mixture to insure uniform dispersion. Pour wax into mold. After cooling, rub beeswax "block" around the entire inside of the hive. The need to reapply shouldn't be as often as the other methods but reapply as needed.


"Honey-B-Gone Clears Supers Fast"
Do you need to remove bees from your honey supers to gather honey? Want an ALL NATURAL product? Tired of using bee removal products that smell terrible and disorient bees? If so then Honey B Gone is your answer.

Honey B Gone has been in development and testing for 3 years. Our product was developed due to a need in the industry for a reliable source of product that smelled good and worked great. How many of us have used the other products that just smelled awful and took days to get off of your hands not to mention your bee suit or truck cab? Not anymore!

Honey B Gone smells great and works quickly to make removal of honeybees from your honey supers easy and quick.

Honey-B-Gone is made of natural oils that bees just don't like. When you spray Honey-B-Gone on a fume board or apply it to an area you are doing a bee removal from, the honey bees flee! They just can't stand the smell at all.
Honey-B-Gone is used by beekeepers running 1 hive to 100 hives to assist in harvesting honey without killing bees. Many of the product on the market today are made from Butyric Acid and smell horrible and won't come off your hands for day when you get it on them. Not our product. It has a pleasant smell much like almonds or cherries.
Try Honey-B-Gone Today!

How To Use Honey-B-Gone

Honey-B-Gone should be used as directed. It is to be used to repel bees from one area to another only. This can be accomplished by a few methods:

Fume Board
Honey-B-Gone is best used with a fume board when the weather is warm. To use a fume board with Honey-B-Gone it is best to leave the fume board in the sun before applying the product to the pad. Some people have even painted the top of their fume board black in order to help with the vaporization of the product. Apply a liberal amount to the fume board pad (NOT DRIPPING) and place on on top of the super. Wait about 2 to 3 minuites and remove.

Breeze Board
Remove Hive Top, Make sure to smoke the bees on the very top as to not squish them. Place fume or breeze board on top. Of course the best result are going to be when it’s breezy and the air forces the Honey-B-Gone vapor down into the hive driving the bees to the lower parts of the hive.

This works well and allows you to use Honey-B-Gone instead of straw or smoker fuel to work your bees. Just take a piece of old cloth and soak it in Honey-B-Gone. Insert the soaked rag into you smoker and replace the lid. Give the smoker a couple of “Puffs” on the top bars of the hive and watch the bees run.

Professional Bee Removals
Honeybee Removal Experts, have found it helpful to use Honey-B-Gone when performing “cut outs” and other removals. Simply use a couple squirts of the product in strategic areas to keep bees from going where you don’t want them or driving them out of places you didn’t.

The Bunyip Beekeeper uses this product during live bee nest removals.