Leasing/Renting a Beehive is perfect for those who:
- Are wanting to learn about beekeeping as the lease includes onsite training during hive inspections
- Are avid gardeners who could use the improved pollination of their garden.
- Loves Honey and wants a Local and Raw product!
- Small farmers looking to increase their yeilds on crops.
- Are able to provide a refuge for bees due to dwindling world colony numbers.

I lease out beehives on an annual contract instead of short term pollination agreements. This includes 8 to 10 trips a year to manage the hives (checking their health, treating if any pests, managing the hive for the honey flow, extracting the honey, feeding in winter if required, requeening etc) and providing onsite training to those who may be interested in learning more about bees, and how to manage the hive. I provide bee suits to those who wish to participate in the inspections with me.

Most of the work is in spring and summer, however a couple of inspections are needed in autumn to make sure that they have sufficient stores for winter.

How many hives are needed?
1 hive is ideal in an urban backyard,
2 hives for a backyard gardener and,
3 to 5 hives on a lifestyle type of block
This ensure suitable pollination year round!

I follow the Apiary Code of Practice, therefore there are limitations on the number of hives I can place on your property. If your block is under 500m2, I am only able to place 1 hive. If your block is between 500m2 and 1000m2 then up to 2 hives are permitted. 1000m2 and higher I can place up to 5 hives (I generally don't lease out more than 5 hives per location).

I will need to carry out a check of your property and consult with you before bringing out the hive/s so as to select a suitable location for the hives so that they’re sheltered from the wind, receive morning sunlight exposure and that their flight path won’t become a nuisance for you or neighbours as well as to arrange a suitable water source for them. This can initially be done via satellite (google earth)

What is the cost of the Lease?
Normally my fees are monthly: 1st hive @ $44, with each additional hive @ $22 each. Rates can be discounted by $84 if paid annually instead of monthly. Regarding the honey harvest, you're gifted the first 9kg extracted from each hive. Depending on your location, these fees may increase to cover additional travel time.

After the lease us up, you have the option of either continuing the lease, cancelling or purchase the hive and bees. I also offer maintenance packages for clients who own their own hives where I carry out regular health inspections etc.

The bees I use for rentals are a very docile strain and are great for beginners.

If you currently own or purchase a hive, and still require onsite assistance/training, I also offer maintenance packages.

My fees are based on being able to schedule (in advance) multiple hive inspections in the area to allow for an efficient trip.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly on 0487 100 001 (I may not be able to answer straight away as I could be working with some bees!) or submit your application below:

Hive Lease Application

Based on the information provided below, a quotation will be generated and a lease agreement will be emailed to you. The lease only begins from the date of delivery and your application is subject to a suitable location to position the hives.


If you have allready spoken with William and have signed the lease agreement / terms and conditions, and wish to pay via monthly installments, please subscribe via PayPal below:

Qty of Hives