We have partnered with Handcrafted Top Bar Bee Hives!

These masterfully built timber hives are built with precision on a
made-per-order basis.

Pine or Hardwood

Kits include:
Multiple entries at either end and in the middle of the hive ensure adequate entry during all seasons (high flow and hibernation or less active). Being able to easily reduce the entry points of the hive assists the guard bees to keep pests and robbers at bay. The ability to open the hive allows the bees to bring in the stores during times of high flow.
Viewing window with hinges and latches. Access holes on each end with corks to block when not in use. Roof hinged and chained for ease of inspection.
Top bars are cut perfectly to size with triangular 'foundation' secured well, to reduce the risk of 'comb drop'. The 2 follower boards allow the hive to be manipulated in size to create the perfect living space. This hive can even be configured to house 2 swarms!
Optional burnt wood design to window cover and entrance.

Included in this option is your DPI Registration number.
Cypress legs cut to height which reduces bending and lifting strain. Cypress is naturally rot resistant. Base has a mesh covered bottom drop down vent for inspection and thermostatic control.
Note the drop-down base board. This adds flexibility in ventilation, viewing and pest control. The 'hole' is covered with insect mesh to prevent insects from getting in yet allows viewing, sanitation of wax/dropping cast-offs and ventilation access.

Pickup is available from Bunyip or Marlo Victoria
Orders need to be placed so your kit can be made for you!

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