We will soon be able to supply bees Australia wide by working with our network of bee breeders!

Due to demand, It is crucial that you order in advance to avoid disapointment!

Kangaroo Island Ligurian Queens
The Ligurian bees are perfect for the beginner beekeeper and for urban environments. They come from the worlds oldest bee sanctuary (est 1885) Kangaroo Island which due to their bio-security rules, they are disease free as well as genetically pure.

Ligurian traits: 
- Both productive and very gentle. 
- Possess longer tongues allowing them to gather nectar from more floral sources.
- They work earlier and later in both the hours of the day and the season.
- The queen is easier to spot which is ideal for novices.
- The queen is a prolific layer yet slows production during winter (uses less stores)
- Low robbing behavior
- Excellent hive cleanliness

Queen can be express posted to Anyware in Australia EXCLUDING WA and TASMANIA.

We will have Queens from other breeders available shortly, please see our online shop for pricing and availability.
Gentle Itallian Bees

We source a number of package bees from central NSW early to mid spring, we will be making multiple deliveries (based on pre-orders) along the eastern seaboard of Australia and to Adelaide.

They are disease fee and come with an Italian Queen bee (mated, not marked). These colonies are productive, yet gentle to work with.

AVAILABILITY: October 2017 - Exact date TO BE CONFIRMED closer to October, timing depends on seasonal conditions!


- 5% off when ordering over 100 + $10 credit/refund per empty package cage once returned

- 10% off when ordering a full load (700) + $10 credit/refund per empty package cage once returned

FULL LOAD: We can deliver direct to you anywhere in ACT, NSW, QLD, SA and VICTORIA if you're ordering a full load (700 packages) at a time - Volume discounts apply, a 30% Deposit will be required to secure the order and the balance paid in full 1 week prior to delivery.

Less than full loads:

We will be doing a run to Canberra (Mitchel), Sydney (Eastern Creek), Brisbane (Logan Motorway BP) & Adelaide. More destinations will be added if we receive sufficient interest (volume) to cover costs and travel time. Our trip is usually along main highways, however we may be able to make slight detours if sufficient quantities are ordered. (50+)

Victorian/Melbourne Customers: if you are willing to meet us along the Hume Hwy on our way back from NSW you can collect from us at one of our rest/fuel stops. Otherwise pickup will be in Garfield Victoria (just off the princess hwy)

For More information and to order please click here.


Overwintered nucs are scheduled to be produced in Autumn 2016 and will be either include a Kangaroo Island Ligurian Queen, Australian Queen Bee Exporters Itallian or Covey production Caucasian Queen - both of which are very gentle to work with. Nucs will be overwintered in our Paradise Honey 6 frame nucs with a top feeder to get them through. Then late winter on a warm day, we will transfer the best 5 frames into a transportable 5 frame coreflute nucleus hive ready for collection end of September 2017.

Limited availability due to such a poor 2016 season...

Overwintered Nucs are usually very strong with an established queen - perfect if you need to increase your numbers early spring or get a head start on honey production. Other nucs will not be available until late November 2017!

Bees come in a coreflute transportable 5 frame deep nucleus hive containing 5 drawn frames of honey, pollen, capped brood, larvae, eggs and a overwintered mated queen from Autumn 2017. * Note: Nucs are split from disease free colonies in Bunyip Victoria.

Spring and Summer Nucs are also available Please visit the online shop for pricing and availability.