Lease a Bee Hive in Melbourne

The property proves expansive - a collection of long acres and forgotten paths. The weeds are tall; the twigs pile high; but there’s the promise of a flat, lush stretch of grass. With a little effort (and a little time) you could transform this into a more.

Sign Up for Beekeeping Classes in Melbourne

Beekeeping is a fun and environmentally responsible hobby. Not only does it produce an appreciation for nature and all creatures great and small, but it also produces a more tangible result. Honey! more.

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It’s a stubborn dream - one that’s claimed a corner in your mind, refusing to relent as the seasons pass leaving a trace of pollen. You’re fascinated by the notion of beekeeping, wanting to experience both hive hosting and honey collection, and more.

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Honeybees pollinate about 90 percent of our edible crops which are responsible for the production of about one-third of the human diet. Also, much of our livestock is also dependent upon bees for pollinating their food supply. more.

Seek Quality Beekeeping Equipment in Melbourne

It’s a sad attempt of an apiary. You’ve cobbled together a slanted fence and hastily nailed boxes, trying to create a space suitable for your expected colony. This pitiable collection of homemade beekeeping equipment in Melbourne, however, will neither more.

Buy Your Beekeeping Equipment in Warragul from The Bunyip Beekeeper

The many different types and brands of beekeeping equipment around Warragul will make your head spin, or should we say, cause a buzzing in your ears? The Bunyip Beekeeper tries to simplify things for our customers. We teach beekeepers how to utilize more.

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At the end of a hidden road sits your home - tucked far from the Melbourne bustle, nestled along often ignored suburban acres. Privacy defines your property and with that privacy comes a delivery challenge, with urban shops unwilling to seek out the more.

The Bunyip Beekeeper, Your Source for Beekeeper Training near Dandenong

At The Bunyip Beekeeper, we specialise in providing quality beekeeper training in Dandenong. Our training involves mentoring beekeepers while we inspect their hives. We encourage the hive owner to follow us through the paces and ask as many questions more.

Threats You'll Learn to Handle at Beekeeping Classes in Dandenong

You may have heard that there are threats that can endanger bee colonies that you'll have to control. Do you know what they are? One of the best reasons to educate yourself through beekeeping classes in Dandenong is to be able to identify and deal with more.

Learn how to Keep Bees with a Beekeeping Course in Dandenong

Keeping bees is a fun and enjoyable hobby, but not always for the faint-hearted. There can be a lot of work involved, but with the right amount of skill and dedication, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Not to mention, there’s a lot of delicious more.

The Best Beekeeping Courses in Dandenong

If you're new to beekeeping or are just starting to get some information about it, one thing that may have crossed your mind is how to find the best beekeeping courses in Dandenong to get the vital information you need to start this very engaging hobby more.

How to Tell If Beekeeping Courses in Warragul Are Right for You

You've been mulling over the idea of taking beekeeping courses in Warragul for a while now but aren't sure if they're really meant for you. After all, it's not exactly a common hobby, though you have a feeling you might enjoy it. How to tell if this more.

Where to Source Beekeeping Supplies in Dandenong

If you’re looking after bee hives, from time to time, you will need extra supplies to help maintain your bees and keep them healthy. If you’re looking for beekeeping supplies in Dandenong or the surrounding areas, the Bunyip Beekeeper has everything you more.

Learn Essential Skills with Beekeeping Training in Melbourne

If you’re eager to get into beekeeping, then you might want to hang on before you jump into the deep end with your first colony. For all prospective beekeepers, we recommend you avoid "winging it" and get some proper beekeeping training in more.

Basic Beekeeping Training in Warragul

So you want to try your hand at beekeeping training in Warragul? It's definitely doable, but you will need a few things to get started. You'll need to get bees, of course, but once you have them, you'll also need equipment to ensure that you can more.

A Few Words About Maintaining your Melbourne Bee Hives

Keeping bees is a great way to produce a commodity such as honey, while at the same time supporting the environment. Honey bees help considerably with the cross-pollination of plants and are a natural part of the ecosystem. Like everything, though, more.

Do You Want to Keep Bee Hives in Melbourne? The Bunyip Beekeeper Can Help

Harvesting your own sweet, sticky honey, made by your very own honey bees, in your own bee hives in Melbourne is one tasty reason to become a hobby beekeeper. The bonus is that bees will pollinate your flowers and vegetables along the way, giving you a more.

Beekeeping Classes for Warragul Residents Help Protect the Bees

Headlines read that honey bees were disappearing and entire hives of bees were found dead or completely empty. Queens and baby bees remained, but worker bees were gone. What does it mean? For a while, the mystery of what was happening to honey bees was more.

Bunyip Beekeeper: Beekeeping Courses in Melbourne for Beekeeping Business

I’m often asked, is the beekeeping business booming? Followed by statements like, “You must make tonnes of money because honey costs so much.” Or, “How much money do I need to start a beekeeping business like yours?” My answer generally starts the more.

Quality Beekeeping Equipment available in Dandenong

Honey bees are amazing to watch. The benefits of the honey bee to mankind is immeasurable. Honey bees have been around probably for as long as humans have, and it is one of two insects that produce food suitable for human consumption (ants produce more.

Curious About Bees? Why You Should Consider Our Beehives for Sale in Brisbane!

Beekeeping has become a major trend in recent years, with more and more curious individuals looking into starting the trade either as a hobby or with hopes of becoming fledgeling professional beekeepers. There are many great reasons to start more.

Where to Buy a Beehive in Melbourne

If you're interested in raising bees and are Looking for a Bee Hive for Sale, you're already on the threshold of one of Australia's most rewarding pursuits. Beekeeping enjoys a large following and can be an incredible challenge—an experience more.

Get Ready for Next Spring with Our Bees for Sale in Brisbane

Bees are the gardener’s faithful friend. They tirelessly pollinate flowers and are necessary for the production of many types of fruits and vegetables. The Bunyip Beekeeper can help you get the most out of your garden with a backyard bee hive. more.

Invest in a Food Secure Future with Our Bees for Sale in Melbourne

Did you know that insect pollinators such as bees are responsible for 90% of the world’s food resources? The much-overlooked honeybee plays a key role in agriculture across the globe, yet the number of bees has fallen in recent years. At the Bunyip more.

Want to Buy Bees? Find Bees for Sale in Sydney

Bees are a part of our global ecosystem's most important insects, and it's becoming more and more important to make sure that they stay protected. For that reason alone, keeping your own bees is an excellent investment—not just in your own more.

How to Buy Your First Beehive Kit: Find a Starter Kit Near You and Learn Beekeeping for Beginners

There’s a good chance that someone has mentioned beekeeping to you before. After all, beekeeping is enjoying a surge in popularity in many areas throughout Australia, and as more people join the craze, there is a growing demand for proper more.

Searching for a Way to Buy Beekeeping Equipment in Frankston or Mornington Peninsula? Locate the Perfect Source

If you live in Mornington Peninsula or Frankston and are looking for a rewarding new hobby, why not consider beekeeping? Beekeeping is already a fascinating activity for many people living in either of these areas, and it can provide more.

Looking for a Beekeeping Starter Kit? Find a Beginner Beekeeping Kit in Your Area

You have probably thought about many activities over the years, and wondered to yourself whether you might enjoy them. Many of these activities can be entertaining, but fewer of them are practical—and fewer still help the more.

Do You Need to Buy Beekeeping Supplies? Find them in Mornington Peninsula or Frankston

Many people find bees a little intimidating, and some are even put-off by them. However, there is no good reason to be afraid of bees. They represent an extremely valuable part of our ecosystem, and in fact, they need our care and protection more.

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